Kõrsikud - Suuda Öelda Ei

Mõned asjad panevad mind nii heldima. Mul pole sõnu selle tunde jaoks, kui must saab lihtsalt üks kõndiv tuhksuhkur ja kreem. Ning see üllatab mind iga kord.



Sajab paksu valget lund, kuid ilma tänavalambi valgusvihuta pole seda näha.
Ma kerin kardina üles, krõk-krõk-krõk, aga taevas paistab mulle vaid sombune kollane.
Mõni ilu on perspektiivi küsimus, kuid mõni pole.


"Double Solitude" by Donald Hall

Over on the New Yorker, "Double Solitude" tells its tale with such ease and simplicity that it simply leaves you in awe.


Lo-Fang - You're The One That I Want. Question:

Whenever I imagine my future, it's not quite clear where it's set. But for some reason it's almost always set with you. And I'd really, really like to get to the bottom of why. We don't really know one another – not that much, not anymore. Yet somehow the thought of you always makes me feel at home. Safe, comfortable and at ease. But if someone asked me why, I couldn't put it to words. So I'm asking you. Is it habit? Influence over the years? Compulsion? Fond memories? How are you so ingrained in me?

Being honest with myself has often been the hardest part of my life. Which is why I try hard to do it regardless of the resistance.