SharePoint management shell: disable a feature

Since I need it rarely enough to forget the correct filtering system every time.
Get-SPFeature -Limit ALL | Where-Object {$_.DisplayName -like "*Something*"}
Disable-SPFeature -Identity GUID -URL URL

React Native: Getting started from scratch

1. Install Node
2. Install React Native
3. Install Atom
4. Remember you want Atom Beta instead
5. Install Nuclide
6. Install Xcode
7. Add developer dir to PATH
8. Install Android Studio
9. Download older Android SDK
10. Add Android SDK to PATH
11. Add platform tools to PATH
12. Add adb to PATH
13. Update Java
14. Install VirtualBox
15. Install Genymotion
16. Reconfigure Genymotion's adb
17. Start Android emulator
18. Start iOS emulator simulator
19. Fire up application separately into both
20. ???
21. Be surprised it all works

Catching the day(')s past

Graduation left me with a lot of time on my hands. And a sense of all that I had put off for so long. All the reading. Writing. Swimming. And thoughts. All this room for activities – and yet now I spend them mostly leisuring. Swimming is the best. When the weather's good I just take my bike and go. But when the weather isn't, days seem to ooze by. And at the end of the day, a feeling of unfulfillment, reminding me of a tattoo idea I had not too long ago. The late hours are the bane of me. When it's easiest to think, and think too much. You know.

Some days I think it would be for the best if I left the late nights behind me and live only the moments by the river. On others I stop and wonder how I managed to go so long without one. It's an act of balance, swaying yourself from one side to the other. Seeking the line between comfort and chaos. Catching the lost time of the day(')s past.

In remarks, I doubt this style of writing will ever leave me. The build-up, the search and then finding the start in the end. It found me early, in some of the earliest writings I remember, and I've grown very fond of it.