Striking down like a slowly falling, heavy, satin curtain. Pitch black and immersive.
All-consuming and insatiable.
It's weird to experience music. Because it's always an experience – never just a listen.
And how odd it is how it can tug at the strings that run through and throughout me.
Bringing me up. And down.

Pause. And it retreats. But I know where you hide.

#C0FFEE is the color

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"Noored mehed, õige aeg teha elus õigeid asju" -- Indrek Vijard

Tao Te Ching

Esteem no one especially worthy,
and men are freed from rivalry.
Prize no rarity,
and men are freed from thievery.
Place no treasure where all may see,
and men are freed from envy.

Who governs well
clears minds and fills stomachs,
diffuses ambitions and consolidates bones.
Where hearts and minds are free from want,
no cunning foe can muster discord.

Where no one needs to intervene,
order reigns freely.
-- as rendered by Douglas Allchin

"Jää Lindana julgeks, jää kangeks kui Kalev..."

"Ma loodan, et mu nägu läheb sama kortsuliseks nagu Helmi Tohvelmannil, sest noorest ilusast siledast näost pole ju midagi vaadata."--Helju Mikkel

It makes me sad

When things get complicated without reason. Complexity without purpose is the bane of my existence.
I've found it insanely easy to just live in the moment. Only to be surprised when I discover it doesn't come the same way for others.
Maybe I'm just good at tricking myself? But what if I'm not?

Git: Pull changes from the origin of a fork

$ git checkout master
$ git pull master